4 High Quality Aussie MicrocapsListen now (23 min) | A conversation with Mark Tobin from Coffee Microcaps
Temporary Value DislocationsListen now (37 min) | A conversation with Tim Delaney, Co-Founder of Immersion Investments
After 12 months of bootstrapping the podcast we have decided to transition to a premium subscription model.
A Portfolio of Just 4 Stocks with Robert MulcahyListen now (18 min) | For this episode we had the pleasure of being joined by Robert Mulcahy, a private microcap investor.
This is what happens when you get the best ideas from smart investors.
A quality small cap riding the demand for more warehousing and automation.
A Generational Investment OpportunityListen now (23 min) | A chat with Aaron Edelheit from the Mindset Cannabis Value Fund
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