Business Perspective Investing (w./ Eric Burns)Listen now (19 min) | An interview with the Chief Analyst of Free Spirit and UK Buffettology Fund.
Quality Companies for the Long RunListen now (25 min) | An interview with David Ridland from Castlebay Investment Partners.
High ROCE and Widening MoatsListen now (18 min) | An interview with Partnership Investing, and two stock ideas.
With 29,400 members, this recent AIM IPO offers growth, and an inflation hedge.
Engineer By Day Microcap Investor By NightListen now (20 min) | An interview with Dan Schum from No Name Stocks.
Sometimes it’s the boring, under followed companies quietly going about their business that can make great long-term investments.
2 Stocks I'm Bullish On (w./ Peter Rabover)Listen now (20 min) | Interview with Founder/Portfolio Manager of Artko Capital.
Exchanges and Cream CakesListen now (27 min) | Examining two quality growth stocks on AIM with Jeremy McKeown
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