2 Stocks I'm Bullish On (w./ Peter Rabover)

Interview with Founder/Portfolio Manager of Artko Capital.


Capital Employed Podcast #39

2 Stocks I'm Bullish On (w./ Peter Rabover)

Two small caps with great valuations

For this episode we had the pleasure of being joined by Peter Rabover, who is the founder and portfolio manager of Artko Capital.

Peter likes to focus on small/microcap companies and special situations, within a concentrated portfolio.

In this episode Peter discusses his investment style, how he finds investment ideas, and the types of companies he likes to invest in.

He also provides a breakdown of his thesis for investing in two small caps he thinks can generate great returns.

Stocks featured…

Currency Exchange International CXI (listed in Canada).

Gaia Inc GAIA (listed in the US).

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Hosted by Jon Kingston


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